The Data Privacy Question

is there a need and solution for secure communications?

The lack of concern about security and data privacy is pandemic. Worse still, as this article describes, it shows no real sign of improving on a wide scale any time soon:

It’s not just that the loss of privacy is a cost of doing business. It’s that we’ve become so lazy, so complacent, that we can’t even muster the energy to realize what we have given up. […] Here’s another possibility. Ours has become a trust-based community. Read the full article here ››

It seems that our societies continue to surrender claims to private communications or privacy in the search for better personal security or getting something for nothing. But is this justified or even realistic?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Many of us were brought up with this ideal. That you get what you pay for, and free just means that you are paying for it some other way that you have not yet discovered. Whether we give up our privacy to get something for free, or because we are told it is “for our safety”, in a general sense this trend will continue.

However, there is a rapidly growing market for secure communications. AzureCoast see this growth across many sectors, including academic institutions, government agencies, banking and financial, research and development, military and security services, and many others.

These security conscious industries demand high levels of security and privacy in their communications and more are demanding their data be stored locally, within Europe or their home nations.

For service providers and telecom operators serious about providing secure services to major organisations there is both an opportunity and a solution. AzureCoast HardMail is a secure and encrypted email and digital communications service designed to enable service providers to deliver hardened, secured communications to a customers who demands the highest levels of data security and privacy.

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