London Underground – 200 laptops per day handed in


Think about this number for a minute:

On the city of London’s public transport system alone, around 200 laptops are handed into lost-property offices every day. from article: The Importance of Using Mobile Encryption.

Let’s assume the average number per day is just one half of this number, over the entire year that’s 36,500 laptops a year that are handed in on the London Underground.

Moreover, this is just the number of laptops that are actually handed in by the more honest of travellers. Add to this number those that don’t get handed in. Then multiply that by the number of cities in the UK, Europe, and beyond. There is a huge amount of data that’s being lost, compromised or simply stolen from laptops.

Now, let’s consider the data reported by Symantec last year, showing that one in three consumers either loose their mobile, or have it stolen and add those numbers to the mix, then then amount of corporate, sensitive data that is at risk is colossal.

Despite the plethora of communication mechanisms available today, email is still a primary vehicle for the transfer of sensitive data within a corporation and externally with partners, customers or other third parties. The big problem is email clients typically store this data locally, making it an easy target for compromise. The solution is easy to manage encryption and remote wipe capabilities, find out how HardMail can secure email communications across laptops and mobile devices.