Data Sovereignty & Security still a major issue for cloud adoption

Security continues to be an obstacle to cloud adoption

In a recent article from GigaOm discussing the findings of a 2012 Future of Cloud Survey, security and data sovereignty were still cited as a major obstacle to Cloud adoption.

Security concerns still hamper cloud adoption with 55 percent of respondents citing concerns over cloud security. More here »

The issue of security will not go away, and whilst the Patriot Act continues to get so much media attention, consumers and enterprises are still raising questions about where their data is stored and who can have access to it. Obviously, there are many vendors, providers and governments that are unhappy with this negative coverage and they have engaged in several campaigns labelling this simply as Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

FUD or not, the issue is here, and those carriers and service providers willing to capitalise on the opportunity will find themselves in stronger positions against those who are not.

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