Analyst agrees there’s life yet in email, but beware of security

Osterman Research: "making email interesting again" life left in email, but beware of security

A recent post from Osterman Research talks about how email is far from dead in the pan, and we agree.

Despite the rise of importance of texting (SMS) and social media in our daily communications, email still plays a hugely significant role. Whether it’s confirming a new online account, part of an online purchase or delivery of a business proposal, legal document or banking instruction, email simply will not go away.

However, the abuse of email is also on the rise, and the more critical functions email is being used to fill, the more opportunity there is for cyber criminals or cyber vandals to cause damage – from annoying advertising SPAM to coordinated criminal activities such as spear phishing campaigns and the deployment of ransomeware trojans.

There are many ways to improve email security from fundamental changes to the way email works, to multilayered security like that being used across many industries and governments to protect against potential cyber warfare attacks.

At AzureCoast we have decades of experience in email technologies. Today we work with service providers, banks and governments to advise them on how best to mitigate email security risks, with a multilayered approach to cyber security.

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