SurfStream Session Border Controller (E-SBC)

Surfstream is an Enterprise session border controller (E-SBC) wIth ipv4 ipv6 transcoding

IPv6 hi-performance Session Border Controller

The SurfStream Convergent Demarc Controller family of Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBC) are designed to provide superior protection, control and management of IP traffic entering and exiting networks across both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

The SurfStream controller enables organizations to secure and protect IP, SIP, XMPP and Voice Over IP (VoIP) media traffic communications between networks, including multi-layered private and public Clouds.

SurfStream is an excellent choice to be deployed at :

  • SIP trunk providers needing “lock-down” security to the customer premises – deployed as CPE
  • Organizations running Cisco call manger
  • Organizations running Microsoft Lync
  • Superior capabilities for home and multi-office deployments


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Key features

  • Microsoft Lync –  optimized with over 500% boost compared to anything out there
  • Available in three distinct service classes
    • Network appliance / CPE
    • High-density appliance / transcoding workhorse
    • Carrier-grade symmetrical clusters for super scale
      • All have 64bit multi-core processor affinity optimization for hi-density
      • Redundant 1 or 10 gigabit networking
  • IPv6 to IPv4 gateway
    • IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling and translation
    • Demarc solution for SIP trunk carriers – provides lock-down TLS certificate security
  • Security and load monitoring
    • SNMP traps for monitoring
    • Triggers and Alerts by secure S/MIME based Email, IVR VoIP or SMS
  • Lawful intercept and regulatory compliance
  • Media transcoding and offloading
    • High definition (G722.x) to Standard bit rate protocols, including G711
  • DNS cache with load balancing
  • DNS supplementary info (SRV records)

Powerful applications included

Back-to-back User Agent (B2BUA) with open source code. The SurfStream Convergent Demarc Controller E-SBC family is an extensible platform, with APIs that enable integration with other platforms, applications and services, including:

  • Master router configuration wizard
  • SIP trunk manager
  • Encryption management for SRTP and Certificate policy controls
  • Alerts and notification rule engine wizard
  • Reporting and graphic chart UI with export tools
  • Billing engine and log management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Integration to AzureCoast “Colibri directory” or Active Directory / LDAP systems

When size and efficiency matter

The SurfStream E-SBC family outperforms any product on the market today with less power, less hardware, and far less management complexities. SurfStream has unlimited potential for scaling using its symmetrical clustering technology. It has demonstrated a call rate (over a 1 hour period of hammering), achieving 6,500 new SIP calls/second throughput, with 385,000 concurrent active calls on average, using the symmetrical cluster configuration with 6 machines.

The SurfStream Convergent Demarc Controller comes in two sizes with a 3rd option for High Availability Symmetrical clustering for extreme scale deployments.

SurfStream CDC 1200 – Single 8-core CPU with redundant everything

CDC1200 Session Border Controller (E-SBC) from AzureCoast

  • Solid State storage
  • Super affordable
  • No compromises on performance!


SurfStream CDC 4400 – 4 multi-core CPUs (total 40 cores) with redundant everything

CDC4400 Session Border Controller (E-SBC) from AzureCoast

  • Super density transcoding
  • 10G optional
  • Global leader in performance density


SurfStream Symmetrical Cluster

SurfStream Symetrical Cluster Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC)

  • Hot standby options on either model
  • Symmetrical cluster option for either SurfStream model from 2-60 nodes
  • Built-in load balancer with cluster

Transparent, flexible pricing

Our pricing is straightforward, one price per appliance or cluster node. If you need more capacity, just add more nodes and run it with unlimited capacity.

  • No unexpected caps or license walls
  • No locked out or limited features
  • No reduced bandwidth

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