Sophia IP Centrex Manager

Sophia is a IP Centrex management, provisioning and billing system integrated with additional interfaces on a modular framework for extensibility.

The Sophia Management platform provides:

  • Handset Provisioning: VoIP, voicemail, carrier preselection
  • Resource management: Phone numbers, phone sets, routers
  • Billing: Call rating, telecom and services billing, customer invoicing
  • Multi-tenancy: Multi-skin, multi-tenants, resellers, & multi-language interface

Sophia is built on a scalable 3 tier model, with a web based UI, mySQL DB, and Python logic, and is provided as a Cloud service hosted within the EU. On-premisis deployment support is planned for Q3 2012.

The Sophia Value

Multi-tenant, multi-channel telecoms value chains can be complicated to manage efficiently. Sophia simplifies this task, helping IP Centrex service providers and telecom operators to increase efficiency, reduce overhead and improve margins.

Sophia makes it easy to manage multiple channels, resellers and end customers, allowing top level providers to create individual service packages to match business and channel requirements. The hierarchical design enables granular delegation of administration, look-and-feel and features through a multi-tenant deployment value chain.


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