JetStream Anti-abuse service

JetStream - Cloud based spam and antivirus for secure, high performance networks

Stop junk traffic before it enters your network

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JetStream allows enterprises and hosting companies to clean email offsite, significantly reducing the volume of unwanted traffic entering the network.

Malicious traffic accounts for approximately 80-90% of all network activity. JetStream eliminates this, increasing capacity, performance, and reducing both latencies and costs.

The JetStream Value

Why should you pay for transporting spam and Virus traffic across your network? JetStream eliminates unwanted traffic before it enters your network. This delivers significant cost saving and performance enhancements to any network, especially those depending on high-cost backhaul solutions, such as undersea cables and satellite links. JetStream is the most cost-effective high performance antivirus and antispam (AV/AS) Cloud service in EMEA. Our servers are strategically based across Europe to give maximum performance, security and data privacy.

JetStream User Interface


Key features

  • Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus filters
  • Backup MX – redundancy
  • Web based Management UI
  • Rules Engine with granular control
  • Automatically add footer, e.g. for legal, disclaimer or marketing purposes
  • Forking
  • Lawful intercept
  • European servers

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