HardMail S/MIME Encryption key manager

HardMail provides an end-to-end encrypted communications solution for any organisation that takes privacy seriously. HardMail is a S/MIME key management and provisioning system, with core messaging services for web, mobile and desktop clients.

HardMail protects and secures communications, keeping private data private, with patented easy to use certificate management technology for desktops and mobile clients.

The HardMail Value

Secure encrypted email based on S/MIME certificates has been around for decades; yet few people use it because of the complexities around key management. HardMail addresses the root causes of this, making it easy to manage and provision certificates across many sites, accounts and devices.

With HardMail, service providers can offer premium services for security conscious customers, delivering messaging services while not having access to the stored email content.


Supported devices:

  • iOS 5+ devices
  • Android 2.3+
  • Windows Mobile
  • OSX Lion + with Apple Mail
  • Windows 7+
  • “Built-in” HTML5 User Interface with branding capabilities


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