Actually, you can stop spam (almost)

A recent article in the Ventura County Star discussed how you can only reduce the amount of spam you receive, not stop it.

You can’t stop spam email, but you can cut how much you get Spam a nuisance, sometimes a danger, but can be slowed. Read the original article here »

Spam is definitely here to stay, and is estimated to account for 80-90% of network traffic. This is a problem is you are a carrier paying for every single bit of traffic, more so if you depend on costly undersea cables or satellite links.

For telecom operators and service providers, slowing spam is not enough because they pay for all traffic across their network. JetStream is a Cloud based service for operators, service providers and enterprises that stops junk in the Cloud before it gets to the network. Find out more here »

Malware, Spam Growth Explodes in May

malware growth explodes, are there cloud based anti malware options?

Malware seems to be on a global increase, and that’s not good news for anyone, especially network operators that have to carry this traffic.

April and May were significant months for malware growth and increased spam and phishing attacks, as the volume of known malware swelled by more than a factor of 10, growing by 927.4 percent from April to May. Read more »

If you are a network operator, you will want to keep as much of this out of your network as possible. That’s why AzureCoast offer their JetStream Cloud based anti-malware product. Find out more about JetStream here »