Cloud Email Filtering Executive Briefing

Cyber Threats on the Rise, Fly Above the Mess

Protect your company in the Cloud

Join our Executive Online Briefing on the 10th April 2013 to learn how to destroy Cyber threats in the Cloud. Learn how to:
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  • Save up to £10,000, cut IT overheads by 1/3
  • Eradicate malicious network traffic
  • Get 2 months free Cloud email filtering



Protect your company from cyber threats

Your company has never been at greater risk from Cyber attacks

As companies become more dependant on the Internet for their communications and brand image, these applications must be protected from becoming a Cyber attack victim.

The solution is to stop the risks before they enter your office!

Stop Malware, Viruses and Spam entering your company

Destroy malicious content before it enters your company

More than 80% of your network traffic is SPAM, Viruses or other malware. This clogs up you network and puts all your digital assets at risk – confidential emails, websites, customer information and more!.

The solution is to stop this entering your network in the first place.

Find out more during the briefing

Free Cyber Security WebinarJoin our online briefing on the 10th April to hear directly from one company that did just this, plus saved thousands in the process. Plus, every attendee has the chance to register for 2 months of free Cloud based email filtering.

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Webinar about cyber security and saving money on IT

Date & time of the briefing

Date: 10th April, 2013
Time: 14:00 GMT
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