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About 1toGo

1toGo (www.1togo.net) provides cloud-based communications and collaboration services to consumers, prosumers, travellers, SOHO/SMEs, diasporas, expatriates and communities. 1toGo’s services include an HD voice second telephone number that can be used anywhere in the world where the client has an Internet connection, a single email address and mailbox into which emails from all their other email addresses (and other messages such as voicemails, faxes and SMSs) can be consolidated and a single file storage space in the cloud for storing information and sharing it with friends and colleagues. These services are offered directly to end users or via telcos, MVNOs and ISPs.

1to Go also offers ‘1toGo in a Box’, a turn-key solution enabling service providers to provide 1toGo’s services quickly and effortlessly.

The Challenge

1toGo was formed to provide Cloud based value add communication and collaboration services to end users directly or indirectly via service providers including telcos, MVNOs and ISPs. The management of 1toGo had experience in CommuniGate Systems’ CommuniGate Pro platform (which forms the core of the 1toGo product offering) through distributing and reselling CommuniGate Systems’ products in Sub Saharan Africa. They also knew that the scalability and features the CommuniGate Pro platform provided made it ideal for the core of the 1toGo delivery platform.

1toGo’s management however had never launched such a VAS solution for service providers before and realised that in order to launch such a service offering successfully, they required initial and ongoing assistance in the areas in which they lacked knowledge and experience. Furthermore, it was imperative to ensure that 1toGo’s services were relevant for geographic markets in which 1toGo’s management had no experience. The management of 1toGo identified that they lacked an understanding of the global new generation telecoms market. Furthermore, they required assistance with defining and pricing their services and building a practical ‘Go to Market’ plan and rollout strategy. 1toGo’s management knew that the skills and experience they required would not be found in just one person and hence sought the services of a consultancy whose partners had a proven track record in understanding the environment in which they wished to play and delivering the services they required.

The Solution

Not only did the partners of AzureCoast have the knowledge and skills that 1toGo’s management required, they also shared the enthusiasm and commitment of 1toGo’s management to bring 1toGo’s service offerings to market as quickly as possible. Face to face meetings were held between one of AzureCoast’s partners and 1toGo management in South Africa in March 2011 in which the initial services to be delivered were identified. Thereafter regular meetings were held virtually between 1toGo management and other AzureCoast partners to develop these services further as well as define a ‘Go to Market’ strategy and roll out plan. In the interim, 1toGo management continued to develop the service offering, write the code to integrate the CommuniGate Pro and billing platforms with a custom designed shopping cart and enter into contracts with the necessary service providers required to launch the services. These activities were undertaken on a part time basis given that 1toGo management had other interests and commitments which required attention.

The Benefit

As a result of this tight collaboration between AzureCoast and 1toGo and in spite of 1toGo management’s other commitments, 1toGo announced its Cloud based services in September 2011. At the same time, again based on input from AzureCoast, 1toGo launched its ‘1toGo in a Box’ offering for service providers.

“There is no way we could have brought our service offerings to market if we hadn’t received the assistance we did from AzureCoast” says Nigel Sinclair Thomson, CEO of 1toGo. Adds Shane Abraham, Technical Director of 1toGo, “It has been a privilege to work with the partners of AzureCoast and benefit from their input”.


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