OTT Services for carriers

This week Telefonica announced the availability of their Tu Me application on Android following on from their recent launch on iOS.

Over-the-top, or OTT services have really hit the headlines recently, with many proclaiming OTT application providers to be the death knoll for telecom carriers.

But that doesn’t have to be so. OTT is simply the ability to deliver an application or service to your customer over a network. The contention arises around whether or not the application provider owns, or pays for the network it runs over.

Many service provider already deploy OTT services in some way or another, for example I can manage my Vodafone account over my Virgin broadband network. What is new is the ability to use applications on my mobile to control things on another network, like being able to set my Sky set top box to record a programme on my iPhone over the Vodafone network.

We believe OTT services are a simple evolution of connected applications and devices, and as such have worked hard to develop OTT applications and services that we carrier-friendly.

Take a look at our Branded Button page or our case study on 1ToGo case study for more information.

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